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Cray YMP-EL part3

YMP-EL Infosheet
YMP-EL Infosheet

Machine Type: Cray Y-MP EL (Entry Level)
Serial number: 5176
Year of introduction: 1991
CPU Type: Cray Y-MP EL (Vector processor, CMOS technology)
Number of processors: 4
Main memory: 128 MWords -> 1024 MByte
Word length: 64 bit
Binary compatibility: up to the Cray-1 (1976)
Local storage: 2x DD4 Hard Disks – 2,7 GB each, one 9 track tape drive
Network connectivity: 10 MBit Ethernet, 125 MBit FDDI
Specified performance: 133 Flops per CPU peak, 4-8 times a Cray-1, 1/4 of a Cray-2
Measured peak performance: 460 Flops (A 2.4 GHz P4/RDRAM is 770 MFlops on the same benchmark problem, huge matric multiply, with Linux gnu cc -03)
Operating system: Cray UNICOS (Unix-based)
Donated by: Leibniz Rechenzentrum, München

Generated a STL model with help of blender of the Cray YMP-EL and after some trial and error we managed to get povray running on the Cray.